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Welcome to Buddha Vibes Technologies. After scanning the trending scenarios we came across the severe epidemic prevailing in the market in the form of business collapse. When we look back into the times, we can acknowledge the healthy businesses and commerce that suddenly shattered due to poor strategies and loss of customers. Besides this there are a lot more reasons for the breakdown of businesses. After keenly studying all of them we summarised that the base of the problem is the outdated strategies followed by many businesses till date. It is always good to stick to your roots but growing with the trends is also equally essential to survive the cut-throat competition in the business. Soon after globalisation it became very easy to extend the target groups of customer throughout the world but at the same time we cannot ignore the rapidly growing business formulae of the competitive multinational companies (MNCs). The other side of LGP aka Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation shows a list of native companies of developing and underdeveloped nations which couldn’t survive this stiff competition and got collapsed due to various internal and external economical and non-economical factors.

In this 21st century we can widely see the instances where many businesses run out badly in the game of survival. The major reason today behind such failures is that we are somewhere lacking in matching up the dynamic trend and fashion of the market and keep applying the old, monotonous formula thinking that this will still work in the era of modernisation which ultimately leads to outdated operations thereby ending up with loss of business unfortunately. To keep up in the market we need to get updated therefore “We Need To Get ONLINE”.

Yes to cope up with open trade and commerce We Need To Get Online. Today when our customers and competitors are not just from one town or country but are coming from almost every parts of world, then in this case we need to prepare ourselves by taking our business online to know the moves of the competitors and to curb all the disadvantages of an offline business.

By seeking the alarming need of online business Buddha Vibes came up with the easy plans and amazing technical strategise that helps you in bringing your own business online worldwide in a very easy way and easy prices.

Buddha Vibes technology was founded with the aim of serving the people with a distinct and unique IT services to boost their businesses throughout the world from Website handling and maintenance to various online advertising campaigns we view at providing all the services at one place. Basically Buddha Vibes is a sort of an open supermarket for those who want to savour the full IT assistance for their business at just one venue.

Taking a business online is the basic need today. People today want ease. In this era of civility, people instead of ransacking the stores offline prefers to shop almost every product and service online to get them at their door steps. No matter in what product or service industry you are dealing in, the customer wants it online! Today like every single person of any section of society whether lower, middle or upper owns a smart phone. He more or less strives to get their needs fulfilled online. Even for reaching a nearby local vendor people prefer to make the searches online as what all they want is a doorstep service in their time bound schedule.

Whether it is some delicious food, grocery, fresh vegetables, home décor, sanitary services, home contractor, education, schools, hotels, trips, tours, travel, hospitals, restaurant, wellness or any literally any kind of product or service any sort of small, medium or large-scale business, people are searching online. The reason why you reached here reading us is that you wanted this information online right on your finger tips. Similarly your customers are also looking for this ease so that they can also reach you from a faraway land of any part of the world online to get all the information they need and get their work done in time on their fingertips.

Our name Buddha Vibes Technologies speaks of a thin unique line that differentiates us from other IT companies working parallel to ours. As mentioned earlier, Sticking to the roots is good but growing with the trends is also equally important. We have followed the path shown by the Lord Buddha not to start the spiritual or religious movement but to apply his teachings practically in the modern world to get rid of all the digital adversities faced by the ventures today.

Our journey relates to what Gautama did to become Buddha. Buddha Vibes Technology is a team of IT experts who follow the path of enlightenment given by Buddha to erase the epidemic practically prevailing in the business industries these days in an easy and efficient way through their learning.

As a child Buddha had all those thoughts as everyone have today. He wondered about life and death, why people get sick, why people die, why they lose, why the wishes of people don’t come true and so on. Then one day he left his palace which he once lavished with all the luxuries to see the world. There he encountered the sufferings of the world. He meditated under the Bodhi Tree and decided not to leave the spot until he gets the solutions to the sufferings. Eventually after being answered by the adversities about the reasons and solutions of the sufferings he went to the different parts of universe to impart his teachings he earned while meditating. Soon he had a long list of disciples following him for the truth of life he had given to the world.

Similarly Buddha Vibes was also troubled by the various reasons responsible for the business failure, we wanted to know the benefits of an online business, the easiest methodology and the budgeted strategies to overcome the obstacles in the growing globalised market. To do so we followed the four steps of Buddha:

The Four Sight- Just like Buddha, we as an individual came across the billions of problem faced by the people in this modern time to survive the business. We encountered the lack of digitalization and insufficient use of technologies that lead their businesses fall harshly. Every failure just had a same reason – the outdated technologies, the outdated thinking and the outdated operations. Every second business was once at a time facing recession where few of them were permanently closed due to excessive loss. We at first were unable to find out the peculiar cause behind such failures. To overcome this trouble we went to the next step.

Renunciation- The next step was same as Buddha’s. The step of renunciation! Where Buddha himself had went around the world to see the reality, leaving behind his comforts. Similarly to find the real cause and forms of digital suffering we strived very hard to bring out the different reasons of different types of hardships faced by the businessmen. After a long and detailed study we came across the following adversities faced by the most businessmen due to an offline business:

No global access

Poor client service


Higher cost of offline business handling

Slow delivery of service

Improper time management

Waste of time


A lot of paper work

Less market opportunities

Inefficient use of technologies

By the end of the research we had a very long list of problems faced by the people these days.

Enlightenment- After studying the problems, we stepped forward towards the solution. Once again we didn’t find a better way than the Buddha’s step to do so. We followed the enlightenment! On a full moon night Gautama sat under a Bodhi tree to meditate, he decided not to leave the spot until he finds all the answers to his questions. After a lot of adversities he finally received all his answers and solutions and from that very moment he came to know as Shakyamuni Buddha- The Awakened One.

From this moment he became BUDDHA to the whole universe. We also after getting know the problems fostered towards the solutions. In this case we as an individual had put all our education and expertise to form a good solution to the people out there seeking for IT assistance for their business. To achieve this we came together to put in our best and form a uniform service company. From this point we from the different individual came together to give birth to Buddha Vibes Technologies, where we all decided to give our expertise at one place to serve our clients efficiently and in time.

Impart teachings- Finally after coming up as team we as The Buddha Vibes Technology strategized and planned the services we will be serving the human race with. Just like Buddha went on teaching his learning to the world, we also shared our plans to various IT experts and ended up making an efficient and experienced list of our team members coming from different ages of life. After listening our plan and the quality of service we want to give the people by aiding them in bringing businesses online so as to work as a fall proof cushion to the various lines of businesses effectively. We as a team has a long menu of service at a same venue that will definitely help you to grow your business globally with all our hard work in very easy prices.

Buddha rightly discovered the three universal truths:

1. Nothing is lost in the universe: we hearty believe this truth not only spiritually but also in the every dimension of life. Matter turns into energy, energy turns into matter. Same is applied to the business; no matter whatever you have done into your business. It’s never always late. We widely open the gate of success to you. Contact us to revive your business.

2. Everything changes: Change is a law of nature. Similarly the world is dynamic, the market, the business techniques, the trends, even the traditions change era after eras. We need to accept it and make ourselves positively flexible to the changes and turns that comes in our business. We have to go with the modern flow otherwise we will be left behind in the race of success. To help you in this we have come up with the Buddha Vibes Technologies to give you an open platform to seek IT assistance easily to get a helpdesk to prosper your business today itself.

3. Law of Cause and Effect: Buddha’s law of cause and effect is the same that you read in your science text books. Whatever we saw, we reap the same. Buddha crowned it as Karma merit. Karma not only works till our personal lives it also takes part in our business affairs. The kind of up gradation you will feed your business with the type of return you will receive from the business. The good input will lead to a good output. Therefore, working in the same monotonous and limited style in your business will not serve you with more than the same monotonous and limited profits. By the time every business needs a step up same is with yours, in this era of digitalization you need to take your business online to make a good karma merit to your business. We are always there to help you in doing so.

We at Buddha Vibes follow the following eightfold noble business path discovered and followed by BUDDHA VIBES TECHNOLOGY to let you achieve a healthy business:

Right website making and handling

Right digital competitive analysis

Right content marketing

Right online marketing campaigns

Right advertising campaigns

Right PPC- pay per click and SEO – search engine optimization

Right branding

Right graphic designing

The list of service is just not this but this is the major sutras followed by the Buddha Vibes technologies to demote the hurdles and bring a digital efficiency to your business.

No matter what your are selling, let’s sell it online with Buddha Vibes Technologies.

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